The Role of a Product Manager

Being a product manager for the last couple of years, I have always wanted to blog on what is the role of a product manager, while perusing the web I found this link which very nicely describes the role of product manager –
The three aspects of Product management, The Business, Customer Experience (UX) and Technology is very well described.
The above description fits well with the classic definition of strategy which is successfully aligning the objectives of stakeholders, employees and customers to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

The role of the PM is one that is complex as it involves multiple dimensions.  Also, the deliverable of a PM is a combination of tangible and intangible assets. I developed a following PM QUAD which illustrates the complexity in a nutshell.


From an organization perspective the role of PM is typically sandwiched between leadership and engineering management with the leadership focused on “doing the right things” and the engineering management focused on “doing things right”.

From an outbound perspective the role of PM is typically sandwiched between field ops and the customer with field ops (sales, solution consultants) focused on showing the value and developing credibility and customer looking for compelling value and ROI.

The role of PM is a challenging one,  however, having a good technical background,  experience with  bringing out products,  extensive business training (MBA) and an interest in dealing with abstract and minimal information will provide the right foundation for taking on the responsibilities of a PM role.


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Product Strategist and architect for harnessing value from data.
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