Purpose of my Blog

Hi,  welcome to my blog.    In this blog  I will share my professional interests.   I have a keen interest in applying my technical,  management and business  background  enabling organizations in creating  products and services which provide immense tangible and intangible benefits.

I have a keen interest in business strategy, which includes,  understanding business models,  strategies for developing sustainable competitive advantages and identifying and analyzing  disruptive opportunities.

My core competency is in enterprise data management – Broadly, this involves viewing data as a tangible asset and using this  to develop  sustainable competitive advantages.

I believe that for organizations or businesses  to thrive it is highly important to  seek an alignment among,  its customers, employees a.k.a knowledge workers and equity holders. Developing a sustainable business strategy combined with strong operational  capabilities is the key to success.

Though my blog I plan to cover my musings on the topics related to strategy, organization behavior and technical subjects primarily related to data management. The views I share on this blog are my own and does not represent anyone or any organization.

I look forward your feedback, discussions, comments which would positively impact my learning.


About atiru

Product Strategist and architect for harnessing value from data.
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